I praise God I’m not a one dimensional character. I know it’s easier and you’d probably feel safer if you could place me in a box, if you can compartmentalize me or label me so then you can assign a measure of value to me. That way you could decide what level of respect I deserve. You’d be able to predict our interactions and know exactly how to handle me if you so choose when you so choose to.

But I am a multidimensional creation. Yasss when he made me he made me wealthy in many areas of my life and poor in others. He made parts of me inexplicably beautiful and some parts are painstakingly ugly. He made me sophisticated and hood. I am both a peacemaker yet I like to fight. I’m strong enough to get the job done but so weak I cannot do it alone. I cry often. I laugh often. I’m hardworking but I relish rest. And because I am not able to easily be boxed, labeled or handled I’m in the likeness of Dynamite.

Dynamite: an explosive that is made of nitroglycerin and absorbed in a porous material that often contains ammonium nitrate.2 One that has a powerful effect. Also something that has great potential to cause trouble or conflict.3 Terrific, Wonderful.

In the right hands and viewed through the eyes of people that understand what I’m truly made of my gift can be used properly. Terrific and wonderful things will occur. But it is often that I am feared by those that are ignorant of what I’m purposed for or mishandled which may lead to trouble or conflict.

The revelation of having a dynamic personality has been empowering. And I know I’m not alone in this. I wanted to tell you that if you’re dynamite don’t pretend that you’re not do not reject parts of yourself to make others around you feel safe. You aren’t too much. You’re you. Amazingly awesomely and sometimes not so awesomely you. I wanted to tell you that the sooner you come into agreement with All of who you are, the sooner your life will take off in the direction your divine destiny resides in. Tick, tick, tick…Boom.


    1. Thomassine Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! I’m glad you can relate to Boom, I will definitely continue to share my journey. You Continue to be Dynamic!


  1. Thank you Chris! I’m glad this blog is as relatable as I thought it would be. Feel free to share it others you believe it might help. Love you and thanks for your continued support. Stay Dynamic!


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