The Fire

I lost a lot of things in the fire  

I lost a lot of things in the fire but nothing that I needed. 

I watched as I burned up along side of my most treasured possessions and relationships.. boyfriend burned, bestie marred, drinking buddies and girl group that I was so proud to be a part of, gone gone gone. 

I lost a lot of things in the fire but nothing that needed me. 

If they investigate it’ll for sure be an arson and I’ll admit it.. I both poured the gas and lit the match to burn down an old house and old attitude and old behaviors that no longer served where I now had to go. I set my self on fire to see if Phoenixs really do exist. Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust. 

When you sacrifice the only thing you need is what’s left after the fire goes out. All I had was my new identity, my children, a pen and a piece of paper. They were the keys to my new life for I knew everything that was consumed was not for me.

I lost a lot of things in that fire and I’m glad I did. Started over again with a new foundation that would be an alter where a fire would rage both day and night, a fire that would not consume me but gave me power and authority. That wouldn’t allow me to lose sight of what lay ahead of me. A fire that was a constant reminder that  less is more and that with just God I can do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could even contrive when attempted without him. I thought I had the life when I had people, when I had dates and I had popularity but when the fire came it was all burned away and I escaped to the secret place and abode there and did tarry. I found new life. I’ve lived more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years. Before it was as if each day was the same and I was always waiting for something to jump off so I could feel alive or have some sort of reason to mark myself present in the whole thing. But now it’s as if each day is new. I’m new each day and so are my experiences and so are my expectations.

I’m finally alive and I’m not waiting for something to happen I am the something that is happening. 

I lost a lot of things in that fire and I’m so glad that I did. 

Burn on Selah. 


  1. Very well written. I learned of your blog yesterday and am enjoying reading what you have to share. Love you lady!


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