From Stumbling Blocks to Starter Blocks

I think it’s funny how the things that used to torment me and and hold me captive in my mind, behind bars of guilt and shame are now the the very same things I use as fuel to wage war on the enemy and come into alignment with whoI truly am. Pause. 

My biggest insecurity growing up were my teeth, my self esteem was on the floor in regards to how my teeth looked and the lack of confidence made me incredibly fragile. That pain and ridicule I endured as a result of my smile would become the fuel to push me into my career in dentistry. The very thing that held me back for a season in my life, propelled me in another. 

When I was 20 I went into braces. The confidence I gained and relationships I built with my dental staff made a mark in my life that has  lasted 15 years. My career has not only enabled me to bring my family out of poverty but it’s also helped in developing my interpersonal skills. Like many other careers it’s challenged me in ways that make me a more well rounded person. 

And we’ve seen scenarios like my dental story play out time and time again. When the mother of a victim of a drunk driving accident creates a scholarship in the memory of their lost loved one. Or when a pro athlete builds low income housing for single mothers after enduring and being eye witness to their own mother’s struggle for survival. 

Emotionally and spiritually we fall prey to less than imaginable circumstances.. the rape, the miscarriage, the divorce, the untimely or seemingly senseless death of a loved one. Depression that has taken up more than it’s fair share of our lives or toxic cycles that only left us confused and empty. These stumbling blocks should be utilized in the same manner that I used my teeth,the mother used the accident and the pro athlete used his mother’s struggle. As starting blocks. 

I wanted to tell you that these things may have had victory over you at a point in your life.They may have had power to cause pain, embarrassment, and resentment in a season. But that season is over and just like a track runner does, I want you to place those blocks behind you and USE the past and the pain to PUSHyou forward into the newness of life where those things are stuck back where you were and you’re now moving to the finish line.

I pray you can clearly see what is trying to cause you to stumble as you run this race called life and that you begin to clear your path. 

I wanted to tell you I see you crossing your finish line and winning your race because VICTORY was yours from the start. 

Runners to your mark..


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