Perverted Strengths Twisted Flaws

How the enemy tries to use our gifts and strengths against us

Your keep you in an unhealthy or abusive relationship

Your headstrong nature.. to make you addicted to things

Your fight.. to fight people instead of that thing that is in opposition to your goals and destiny.

Your love.. not for yourself but you give it all to someone who doesn’t even know what to do with it.

Your commitment.. not to God or your values but you’re committed to your past and your excuses.



  1. alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.
  2. synonyms:distort · warp · corrupt · subvert · twist · bend

One of my biggest flaws has always been my temper or to be more specific my anger. Growing up and in adulthood I would try my best to control my anger because once engaged..what was to follow was nothing short of hellacious. I would cuss, fight and engage in other ridiculously horrifying behavior. But can I share a secret with you? I was kinda good at being mad.( that’s crazy) I know. I was good at having someone mess with me, antagonized me, or push me to my point of NO MORE. Once I reached that limit, all bets were Off and the fight was On. I was willing to do whatever it took to protect myself weather it be my physical person or just my pride and ego. I was also willing to fight for others that couldn’t fight for themselves. My flaw was my strength and used incorrectly my strength was my flaw.

How is being a passive aggressive, Ready if you Ready, fighting machine a strength you ask? Well, that fight I was using against people that would bully or irritate me I now use for the kingdom to fight demons and difficult situations that try to bully me and cause me undo harm. This one time, depression and suicide tried to jump me. I had to get with them! Then I had this crazy long fight with addiction.. You see who won that. I’m fighting generational curses, I’m fighting poverty, I’m fighting against poor mental health.. I was born to fight! I’m irritated with how Satan tried to do me, and what he’s trying to do to my sisters and brothers. DO YOU NOT KNOW I’m at his neck?? My flaw is my strength

I know some loyal people. I know people that will not leave their partner’s side no matter what they do or say to them. They can steal from them, humiliate them, lie, cheat, have 3 babies on them, make them lose everything they’ve worked hard to have, and in the morning they’ll be right there like nothing ever happened because their strength, which to some may be labeled as stupidity is in all actuality their loyal heart. It’s been perverted though. Somewhere where that loyalty was once pure; life, rejection, lies and disappointment got a hold of that loyalty and deformed it into a sick and perverse version of its former self. Now what was a strength is that person’s biggest weakness. What could be used to build strong bonds, good credit, self reliance, integrity, a long career is being used against that person to destroy those very things. That loyalty has been misplaced and misused.

Now, I know someone came to mind while you were reading that.. I know you can clearly see how my fight was necessary but misused and misplaced it almost cost me my life. Now look at your strengths and your flaws and see.. See just as clearly as the things that are being distorted in your life. The things that are bringing you chaos where there should be peace. Making you look foolish where it was meant to elevate your entire life. All your puzzle pieces are there for your best life, you just have some shoved in the wrong places.

I wanted to tell you I see you high and lifted up. Out of confusion and free from the misconception what your strengths really should be used for and how your flaws should serve you.

It is so.


    1. I absolutely am not surprised at this or your success at it. The post this morning blessed me and I am so proud of you!! I pray God will expand you and your vision to reach the masses. ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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