The 4th of July proved quite eventful for myself and my family. We had no plans of attending a bbq so I decided to go to Cincinnati and find some shenanigans to participate in. We found a beautiful park and ate at a super decent restaurant, we even hit up the Cincinnati museum, it was lit. 

Some time during our adventure I was approaching an intersection however there was a gas station to my right as I was approaching and a car needed let out , so instead of blocking the car I left room for the car to go ahead of me. 

The light turned yellow.. the car still sat in the gas station’ s exit. The light turned red, I patiently awaited the driver to make her move in the more than accommodating spot I  had made for her.  Seconds felt like minutes as the light turned green and my kind gesture turned into road rage.. I yelled “Go, what are you dumb?! “ (Relax she didn’t hear me). After licking her ice cream, insert labored breath, the driver gingerly pulled out and went her merry way. At this point my BP was approximately 100/200 because well… I’m a work in progress. At any rate. I revived myself and almost immediately had a revelation of sorts. 

   We need to move! Like Now. If there is something you’re trying to do I say you stop trying and get to doing. I see all cylinders moving but some of us are afraid to go. During that episode at the intersection the young lady had ample time to make her move. There was a flock of geese crossing the intersection which made us sit through nearly 2 light cycles yet, because of heavy traffic and possibly fear she didn’t take the place that I had clearly provided for her. She was scared to make her move. 

And as soon as I asked if she was dumb (she didn’t hear me)I felt it in my spirit that that’s what God was asking me.  Why aren’t you moving? Why are you waiting? Stoping acting scared! My answer was no, I’m not dumb so I should probably not act as if I am. 

I wanted to tell you… Move now. Things are being orchestrated in such a way to make room FOR YOU. So come through. It’s your time and your turn! 

I have received this word this week but I’m not alone in this so I wanted to tell you too. 

Start the non profit, start saving, start filling out visitation paperwork to see your kids, start working out, start looking at houses, start eating right, start today. Whatever your thing is and you Know exactly what I’m talking about..

Ummm…. GO!!!

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