An audience of One

And it’s here down on my knees that I feel most powerful and in the auditorium amongst the masses that I feel most weak. 

I’m not sure of how people see me and this is no longer my concern because I’m living for an audience of one. 

Such an unfamiliar place I’ve found myself in where the things that once moved me no longer do, and there is no compulsion to do what may generate attention or likes. In this place there is a quietness, that I am in no way, shape or form accustomed to. 

                    AN AUDIENCE OF ONE

Living for an audience of one, drawn to my  audience of one, totally captivated by my audience of one. 

He has me- fully, I mean truly, I’m obsessed with how he woos me, with how he moves me. In me and through me. 

It’s in his truth he makes me and by his grace he shapes me. Never leaves me or forsakes me. His very presence overtakes me. Living for an audience of one. 

 So with your eyes you are privy to see, everything he’s doing in me, but it’s no show and I’m not here to entertain just to bring glory to that MATCHLESS name. 

It is He, El Shaddai, Elohim, that Grace guy. He’s my Daddy, He’s my friend, That same one that shook death and sin. 

It’s my God, my present help, my ride and die, when nothing else could help! 

There was my audience of one.

Watching  and waiting, blocking and orchestrating. Creating a very special,very specific, very intentional place for me. In my lane I can move freely, I can cry out, I can dance, or I can just be. I am able to do it, how I do it, all for my audience of one. 

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