Look Again

  After 15 years of being told she was ugly  Corina has finally stopped looking. Mirrors were no longer her thing, instead she had decided to throw herself into sports and make sure she made people laugh, if she didn’t have looks she told herself, she’d have to rely on her talents.

Becoming one of the most popular girls in her school, Corina was truly impressed with herself but being ugly left more than a chip on her shoulder, it was more like a bolder. She had many things; friends, favor amongst teachers, she was athletic and could sing a little bit. Boys even liked her but deep down she knew that it wasn’t because of her looks, because she was ugly. Her hair wasn’t straight like the other girls in her school. She had boring brown eyes and she had acne,ugh! What was to look at?

 Corina would graduate and years later start a family. Throughout the hustle and bustle of life she had some success  however she also had low self esteem,  but she stuffed the pointless emotions of self acceptance down,down, down until she almost couldn’t taste the bitterness anymore. One random Saturday while putting on her makeup Corina did something she hadn’t done in over a decade, she decided to really take a look at herself. She began examining her facial structure noting her check bones, scanning and analyzing her blemishes and beauty marks, as her evaluation was concluding she fell dead lock in a forward gaze, starring directly into brown eyes. These eyes however were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. How was this possible? Corina looked with amazement. She blinked to see if they would return to what she had always known but when her gaze returned they were still there, BEAUTIFUL brown eyes. And they belonged to her. Tears began to fill the rims of each eye and an overwhelming feeling of love, self love and self admiration fell on Corina. She sat on the toilet in bewilderment. And she asked herself the question if I didn’t know this about myself. What else don’t I know?? 

   That day marked a pivotal moment in Corina’s life. At  age of 26 she began self exploration and questioning what she thought she knew about herself. She began uncovering lies and deception surrounding her previous knowledge of who she was and what she believed about herself.

As Corina continued to break down the walls of lies and misunderstandings she had ongoing within herself. A new and stronger Corina emerged -and that bitterness that Corina had to taste everyday was no longer a cup she had to drink from. 

There are some things we’ve told ourselves…there are some labels we’ve placed on ourselves. But it’s time to re-evaluate what you said about yourself 5 or 10 years ago and start again. 

So you say you’re not creative.. maybe you’ve changed. 

You say you can’t lose weight. Maybe you’re more disciplined than you were when you first made your mind up about weight loss and health. 

You say you can save money. At what age or stage in life did you decide that? And are you still THAT person? Impossible. 

  Some of us are arrested in development. Hanging on to ideas about ourselves and identities given to us by our parents 20 and 30 and maybe 50 years ago. 

I wanted to tell you it’s time to do what Corina did and take a hard long look in the mirror not just at your face. Clearly you’re gorgeous or extremely handsome! But look at your life. It’s time we confront some of our thinking. I want you to do me but more importantly do yourself a favor and LOOK AGAIN!

#DontMissOutOnYou #changeIsGood #growingPangs #LookAgain #YoudBeSuprised

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