Make It Beautiful

Make it beautiful..

I want Him to skip to end. It’s seriously my favorite part. When he does his final reveal and makes himself known. It’s beauty, it’s splendid, it’s art. 

Make it beautiful. Like you did last time and hundreds of times before that. When Hope was lost and Faith felt faint, you flipped the script, plot twist- do that. 

Make it beautiful. Like you did with me, when I was shattered and broken and torn. When it looked like I wasn’t going to make it. Death had its grip -you stepped in, now I’m Reborn. 

Make it beautiful. Show them God! How you do that thing that you do.. they’re frightened and in search of answers, searching for what can only be found in you. 

Make it beautiful. So people can see what believers are always talking about.Why we’re always postin, always praying, why we sing, and dance and shout.

The pain, the loss, the chaos it’s real, the fear and vulnerability too.  But I know a truth and I’m excited to share He’s going make it beautiful for you. 

Hey guys I hope you were encouraged by my poem and I appreciate you taking time to read it.  There are themes I’ve seen throughout my life and throughout my spiritual journey. Consistent truths. 

If you’ve followed my story you are aware of the great trauma and battles I’ve faced from childhood into my adult life. 

It is my testimony that when I was suffering it was painful and it seemed as if I would never come out.  But God had a purpose for my pain and He made me Victorious over every situation I faced. 

He made me fight with fear, depression, addiction, bitterness, unbelief. 

He set me up against rejection, jealousy, guilt, and shame. Not so they would overcome me but because he wanted me to defeat them. To show me that with Him I always Will WIN. 

He answers prayers so pray. And know He WILL MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL! 

Revelation 12:11


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  1. Beautifully written Sis. Continue reaching deep inside of yourself and bringing it to the ears that need to hear. I love you and miss you, stay safe and trusting in Gods word.

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