It’s Time

“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.


What if you don’t know How to love yourself? Your neighbor? 

What if you’ve been racist all of your life and don’t know how to live peaceably among all men? 

What if you’ve never seen or experienced functional love? 

In life everything that I’ve lacked or that my life  has been absent of,I’ve learned through my relationship with Jesus. He taught me how to forgive, He taught me to never give up, He taught me to love and How to help others.  My Rejected King taught me self love and self worth.  He gave me identity and confidence where there was none to be found.

I know we think we’re going to be to improve the world through education and reform however that’s called behavior modification and what can be modified can also be redacted and unmodified.

True lasting change, not revision, not modification, but metamorphosis can only be achieved through a heart change. 

I wanted to tell you.. We talk about God a lot, kind of like he’s a luxury vehicle we’re proud to have. Something that makes us look and feel better to be seen in or mention. But I believe ITS TIME to personalize our savior again. 

It’s time to love on Jesus again. 

This God we all talk about, that we serve with word and deed has graciously and mercifully shown us ourselves.. again. 

We, His people have Rejected the God that we serve? Denying the power and playing church.  Being pious and self righteous. Unbelief, Unbelief, Unbelief. 

If You believe, You shall receive.. Power! Over this sinful world that has seemingly overthrown the church and believers. 

It’s Time.. to pick our bibles back up, put Our music back on, choose our fast days, Get in our secret places and love on Jesus again.

A Rejected God is illustrating through American racism how being great and being rejected will no longer be tolerated. Does not feel good and is unacceptable. POC are marginalized and God is marginalized for our wants, distractions, greed and lack of self control. 

God came to Earth clothed in flesh to save      Us from death. Then we willingly choose to die.  The spirit of rejection is running rampant in this world but especially in America.

As a seeker of both solutions and illumination in darkness I wanted to share a stone I unearthed. 

It’s Time to Love On Jesus. 

Peace, Blessings and Understanding. 

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