Sometimes You Have to Go Back

For those of you who have ever suffered an injury; broken a bone, sprained or strained a muscle, or had a surgery. You understand that healing hurts. Emotional healing is no diffrent in this regard. There is pain attached to forgiveness, to walking away from toxic relationships, and breaking addictions.

I’ve realized in my own life, I’ve tried to move in such a way as to escape or avoid pain. Hence the binge drinking to numb the pain, holding on to the comfort of bitterness through unforgiveness, and staying in low level relationships to stave off loneliness.

Pain is the catalyst for healing as illustrated above. Not going through the process and staying in until healing is complete only causes further injury.

Anybody Wanna Be Healed? For Real??

Stepping out of our emotional healing can be easy due to the fact that there is no one there monitoring us like there is for people healing from physical brokeness. No one to tell us to keep our cast on, to use our cruches, or to push us in physical therapy. Nope, there is no managed care plan or post op instructions for forgiving the person that raped or molested you, for forgiving yourself and moving forward after living a reckless lifestyle, no one tells you stop anymore after you’ve gone back to that toxic relationship for the hundreth time.

But, I wanted to tell you.. El Roi (pronounced El RO HE) and no, I have not been brushing up on my spanish. El Roi means God Sees You. Not in the way the old church used to say it either, to promote fear and cause anxiety, but rather to remind you that God has His eye on you and he wants you to win. He actually makes you win when you allow him. I wanted to tell you that when it comes to emotional and spirtirual healing, sometimes its just you and God. A grand partnership that produces restoration (which is better than healing).

Emotionally healing can be very painful and exhausting, sometimes you want a break from “getting better” in all actuality you’re taking a break from becoming the real you. If you’ve stepped away from the areas you were working on, go back and begin where you left off.

Message: There is no escaping pain in this life. But make your pain pay. Make your pain valuable. Dont hurt and lose. No, no, no, just like a woman giving birth, make sure there is something beautiful on the other side of your pain. Something you can be proud of and maybe, just maybe something can share with the world to help others.

I wanted to tell you the fear of pain almost tricked me. Almost caused me to give up on my healing but I decided to make my pain valuable. I will use my pain to birth purpose, healing, laughter and much more.

Let’s not allow pain to double down on us. Hurt us and cause us to be miserable. Every time you experience pain there should be something worth holding on to at the end. A lesson or a higher level of thinking which results in lifestyle change.

I pray this helps. May God give us the courage to endure the pain that heals.



  1. Beautifully said!! I love reading your writings. You remind me of things I think we all sometimes forget. No matter our age or experience. Love you dear girl❤️🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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