I’ve enjoyed writing, especially journaling since I was a child. Over the years my journals have made me laugh and at times they’ve made me weep. I’ve grimaced at some of the stories and other entries have created a sense of pride, so much so that I’ve made it to the point of creating “I Wanted to tell You..”. Both a Blog and a Podcast created to share the truths that I have experienced and the lies that I’ve had to navigate through. It is my mission that through these stories real healing takes place at root issues and that people that come here are freed from suffering from the symptoms that rob them of quality living.

Eryca Renai currently resides in Ohio where she is a full time mother, motivational blogger, podcaster, radio show host (TLC4URADIO.COM) and aspiring author. Her unique spiritual journey matched with her transparent voice, and heart for the dismissed, overlooked and forgotten is what sets these works apart. So please take your time, get your tea and take in what “I wanted to tell you…”

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